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How the Work done

Market research

The first step is the most important because without market research services like logo design or web development will not become approprite for your business. Market Research includes studying the competitor business, services types of the business, target customer that business will reach like customer age group or gender or occupation, type of product provided by business.

Brain Storming Ideas

The second most important steps in building a brand is brainstorming the creative ideas before making any digital works. Every brand has a story to tell and your logo or web design will convey it to the customers. Be it a logo design or a website making the rough sketch for visualising the concept comes next. Several rough sketches are made on many concept before digitalising the final Identity design.

Digitization of Thoughts

Then comes converting of rough sketches or sitemap to digital works for making it print and web ready. This process includes creating vector files for logo design and coding the websites. Next comes the testing with different colour combination and background of Logo. And testing of the websites code is done to check for efficient working in different platform and cross browser compatibility.

Delivery & Services

After completion of the project , the packages are delivered to the client by email or cloud storage. But the work is not done yet. SPARCHE provides after sell services to all client upto certain time. Any minor changes needed are made within the stipulated timeframe without any extra charges.Services like backup of packages, revision of design of the logos and functional/editable changes of web development are done.

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